Thanks to everyone for helping to promote the arts at The Epiphany School. A limited number of DVDs of the Epiphany student films are available for sale. Please contact: epiphanyfamilyassociation@yahoo.com


 Best of Show:
Yellow Balloon  by Robert Castillo, U S A

 Best Student Film:
 A Fisherman's Tale by  Lucas Ansel, USA,

 Best Epiphany Student Film
 A Cockroach's Life        by Rupert Eveleigh, U S A



The Bridge                                    0:02:45                                   
Ting Chian Tey                                    U S A    
The story of four animals trying to cross a bridge who end up as obstacles to one another in the process.

A Week Without Mr. Hayes                                                                        0:04:00
Akosua Wordie                                    U S A
What happens at the Epiphany School when esteemed leader, Principal Hayes, is away?


Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite                                                                        0:00:48
Sarah Beth  Eisinger                                    U S A
A cautionary tale for both bedbugs and their prey!


Yellow Balloon                                                                        0:02:00
Robert Castillo,                                    U S A
You just never know what will happen on a New York city subway car. 


The Adventures of Bloop, Troop and Roop                                    0:02:00
Ryan Beauregard,  Riley Brooks,  & Annelies Parke                                    U S A
Our heroes take on master criminals and foil a plot to steal the Eiffel Tower.


Metro                                                                        0:04:44
Jacob Wyatt                                    U S A
When a young girl's train ticket is stolen, she must pursue a mysterious fox through a strange and fantastic world in order to get it back.


Flying High                                    0:04:55
Catie Brennan & Caroline Coia                                    U S A
A portrait of two sisters who are gymnasts, and their dedication to their sport.


The Delivery                                    0:01:58
David Sterling & Owen Sterling                                    U S A
Sometimes, delivering a package is more of an adventure than our trusty delivery guy bargains for…!


Kevin's Critters - Dolphin Adventure                                                                        0:09:59
Kevin  Andersen                                    U S A
7-year old Host, Kevin Andersen, takes you on a journey to the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program and SeaWorld in San Diego, California


The Princess and the Evil Baby                                    0:02:31
Luca Vertucci, Jackson Vertucci                                    U S A
A band of brave kids foil a plot by the Evil Baby.


BFF's                                                                        0:01:37                                   
Sofia Nisivoccia                                    U S A
The life and times of an student. 


A Boring Day                                    0:05:00                                   
Grayson Brooks                                    U S A
Children have fun in New York City while their mother shops.


Tanks for Nothin'                                                                        0:01:46
Joshua Armstrong                                    U S A
A 1950s American tomboy is enthralled with her older brother's Christmas gifts. What will happen when it's time to open her own presents?                                   


LBI Skateboard Montage                                    0:01:00
Erik Kataisto                                    U S A
Skateboard tricks set to music. 


School Beat                                    0:03:26                                   

Brett Restrick, Quincy Lucin                                    U S A
A musical and rhythmic journey through a typical day in 6th Grade.


The Girl with the World in her Hair                                                                        0:00:59                                   
Debbie Howard                                    United Kingdom
The charming tale of a young girl's efforts to feel good about her exceptional curls.


Takeover                                    0:00:59
Misha Ellis                                    U S A
A group of clones find themselves in peril but follow the command of their fearless Jedi Leaders.


A Cockroach's Life                                    0:06:12
Rupert Eveleigh                                    U S A
A day in the life of a New York City resident.


French Dudette vs. Old Lady, oh and Cop!                                                                        0:03:30                                   
Emma Hale, Kristina Henis, Emilee Kitmahwong, Emily Levitz,   Alana Schmitt             U S A
A visit to the French Dudette in Candy Land by her friend, oh, and a cop!


Velo Hoot                                    0:05:00
Mary Lai                                    U S A
A fuzzy owl has a grand day planned for the apple of his eye, but is unexpectedly thwarted. Or is he...?


Ayakkabilar  (Shoes)                                    0:03:43
Mustafa Abursu, Miyase Aslantas, Mehmet Akif Gunes, Muge Sinem Gurdal  with  Nefin Dinc, group leader                              Turkey 
This light-hearted fictional film takes place in Antakya, Turkey. Three little children steal shoes in front of a mosque. What measures will the men take to insure the security of their shoes?


The Nicktrix:   Reloaded                                                                        0:05:00
Christopher Smith with Nicholas Parke                                    U S A
Our hero, The Telenator, battles arch-enemy, The Paper Planer.


Candy Problems                                                                        0:00:56
Jack Gillespie                                    U S A
A story of three kids, endowed  with super powers from tainted candy, and the secret agents who try to thwart them.


daytona junior                                                                        0:04:15
Panagiotis Skordilis                                    Greece
When a boy’s favorite toy is broken, can it be replaced?


The Squirrels of Stuy Town                                                                        0:03:51
Athena Stuebe, Athena Stuebe                                    U S A
What evil lurks in the trees and gardens of beautiful Stuy Town….?


KIDNAP                                                                        0:02:00
Sijia Luo                                    U S A
A little chicken explains the reason why she was late to school this morning.


A Fisherman's Tale                                    0:02:00
Lucas Ansel                                    USA,
A re-telling of the classic tale of the frustrated fisherman.


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